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OSTC (openSCADA Test Client – openSCADA Admin Client) is our small test tool which can be used to play around a bit with some openSCADA functions. But also it can now be used to administer parts of the openSCADA system.  


Check the download page ( and download your version of OSTC.

MSI Installation for Windows

For windows you can download an MSI version of the setup which performs the installation. Download an MSI package from:

Release –

Integration –

Be sure that you download the correct 32/64 bit version, matching your Java Runtime version. A 64bit Java, requires a 64bit OSTC.

Playing with OSTC

  • Start the application
  • Switch the perspective to "DA"
  • Start the two test servers from the "Testing" menu. This might trigger a warning of your firewall. Four ports will be opened, 1202, 1203, 2101 and 2102. These will stay open until you close the application.
  •  Create two now connections (if they are now already there)
  • Right click on the new items and select "Connect"
  • Browse through the items and drag them to the real time list on the right   

You have created two new connections in your local testing client. Started two testing servers and connected to these servers.