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This page is about the IEC60870-5-104 implementation of openSCADA.

This implementation was originally started in Eclipse SCADA, but was moved to openSCADA due to legal issues with IEC standards and the Eclipse Foundation in general.

Source Code

The source code is in the Atlantis repository of openSCADA (org.openscada.atlantis).

Release pending

Until we have a release 1.3.0, the code is in the 1.3.0 branch. The code will be merged to the master branch when the release is performed.

The plain protocol modules are (branch links on github):

The implementations for openSCADA exporters and drivers are:


All binaries are OSGi bundles. If you do not care about OSGi, just consider them plain JAR files.

The binaries can either be downloaded in a full package containing all openSCADA JARs or you can pick the specific JARs from the P2 repositories "plugin" folder.


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