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This document is not final. It will be updated during the 1.2 development cycle.

New Features

Replace Apache XML Beans with Eclipse EMF

Instead of parsing the XML drive configuration with Apache XML Beans, EMF is now used to provide this functionality. The generated Java objects changes a little bit due to this change, but this should not be an issue.

This allows us also to integrate the drivers into OSGi and the Eclipse IDE.

Allow starting server configurations from the IDEDue to the EMF based XML parsing it is now possible to run driver configurations directly from within the IDE for testing.


Dependency updates
  • SLF4J was updated to 1.7.2 using the Eclipse Orbit version
  • Google Guava was updated to 12.0
Java 7The base for openSCADA is now Java 7. All components will be compiled using Java 7. The execution environments will be changes as needed.


SNMP Driver with MIB extension

The SNMP Driver allows to provide a custom MIB factory. The default MIB factory is not present, but using the OSGi component mechanism or the Java ServiceLoader functionality a MIB Manager can be located and added. This was necessary to remove "Mibble", since it is licensed under the GPL license and therefore not compatible with the rest.

There is still a MIB Manager implementation based on Mibble, but is was relocated to the contrib repository.

Bug Fixes

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