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Requirements for a real time SWT time series chart component


  • sustain a high update rate (displaying at least 18 changes/second, but with the ability to collect data at a higher rate)  
  • multiple curves in one chart (multiple colors)  
  • easy and intuitive changing of range and scale (see google,INDEXSP:.INX,INDEXNASDAQ:.IXIC)  

  • antialiasing  
  • display of current value at pointer  
  • support for missing values (NULL values)  
  • support for special metadata like zero quality or manual values  
  • good print support (color/b/w variants)  
  • support to add derivative values (moving average)  
  • support to add prediction and trend functions  
  • support of stacked graphs (multiple scales in one graph)  
  • support for export import of currently displayed data  
  • Optional Autoscroll (Compress/Move)   


Use Cases


  • Automotion  
  • Finance (Stock Charts)  
  • Electronics  
  • Audio   




  • indexed by time, values are handled with valueOf to save memory  
  • memory saving collections   


Existing stuff


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