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  • Install Postgres JDBC Driver
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In order to use the Postgres database with openSCADA and Eclipse SCADA you will need a postgres driver bundle that can be used from OSGi. openSCADA can provide as ready-to-run bundle, but Eclipse SCADA cannot do this at the moment (although we are working on a solution). If you want to use postgres as an option in Eclipse SCADA you need to perform the following steps to use the postgres driver bundle provided by openSCADA.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Add openSCADA to your deployment
  2. If you are using the world model for configuration, you will need to add the module "org.openscada.external.postgres" to the list of "postgresDriverModules" in the node "EventStoragePostgres"


Of course you can use your own Postgres driver bundle if you prefer that.