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  • Java 1.6+
  • Eclipse 3.7.2 (preferably the classic edition)
    • EGit/JGit
    • Ecore Tools

Workspace Setup


First you will need to clone all openSCADA git repositories and check out the required projects:

Clone the following projects using EGit. Best place them in your workspace directory but do keep the ".git" extension!

  • org.openscada.builder.git
  • org.openscada.external.git
  • org.openscada.aurora.git
  • org.openscada.oxygen.git
  • org.openscada.utgard.git
  • org.openscada.atlantis.git
  • org.openscada.infinity.git
  • org.openscada.orilla.git
  • org.openscada.othala.git
  • org.openscada.dakara.git
  • org.openscada.tauri.git
  • org.openscada.deploy.git

Select the branch "1.0" when cloning.

Using EGit you can import the projects right when cloning. You should create a working set for each repository in order to group the huge list of projects.

Target Platform

Create a new Target Platform in Eclipse using the following settings:

  • Add either a fresh Eclipse as base or use your current installation using "${eclipse_home}"
  • You need to add the directory "${resource_loc:/builder_external/builder/lib}" to your target platform 
  • GEF SDK 3.7 
  • EMF SDK 2.7 
  • ECF SDK 3.2 

Final steps

  • Manual compiles  
    • builder_global/build.xml  
    • org.openscada.da.server.common/schema_build.xml  
    • remaining org.openscada.*/schema_build.xml 
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